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Everyone has a story…

Everyone has a story that is sacred and rich.

Each story is a fabric woven from our life experiences, events, thoughts, feelings, impressions and relationships – and influences how we view our life.Everyone has a story

Being aware of our story allows for creative change and new possibilities.

Stories transcend all barriers

They reach deep into our heart, leaving images that may last a lifetime. Common experiences reveal universal truths and wisdom.

A story of unexpected wisdom lights my day…

The Melbourne summer’s day is dark, stormy and cold. Wind churns the bay. Clifftop walkers braving the elements look vulnerable. I open my mail slowly and without much enthusiasm. Unexpected yellow and violet petals spill from the longest envelope. Pressed flat by their journey around the world they release a faint fragrance.

The letter is from the doctor son of a close friend.

‘Tibet,’ Mark writes, ‘is so quiet, yet so pervasive and profound. I could speak of events, places, people, culture, joy and adversity but in reality my experience here remains, to me, unframed and undefined in language.

‘Understanding has not come to me in a tumultuous storm of circumstance but in moments of silence and solitude and countless other ‘ordinary’ moments’. The focus, is too often the destination, less often the journey and, even more rarely, the here and now.

‘Yet in all of the vicissitudes, in the times of real exhilaration or despair, anger or romantic ‘joie-de-vivre’, there is less significance than in the stillness, the quiet, calm bliss that pervades within us.’

Wise and eloquent, Mark is not yet thirty. After Tibet he will travel to designated third world countries to treat men, women and children who suffer in unimaginable circumstances. He will witness chaos and human devastation, challenging his belief in the goodness of the human spirit again and again.

But already he is learning to tell his story the way he wants his life to turn out.

Everyone has a story